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Sun – Thur: 11AM to 11PM  Fri – Sat: 10AM to 1AM

Last Race starts 15 mins. prior to closing



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  • 14-Turn Indoor Course

    14-Turn Indoor Course

    Compete against up to 12 racers on our challenging road course!

  • FAST Karts

    FAST Karts

    Our karts can reach speeds up to 35mph!

  • Challenge Your Friends

    Challenge Your Friends

    Traxx is an exciting place for group get-togethers and more!

  • Off They Go!

    Off They Go!

  • The Grid

    The Grid

    The karts are lined up and ready for you and your friends to race!

  • Outdoor Racing

    Outdoor Racing

    Traxx is the only track in the NW with indoor/outdoor racing in the spring & summer months!

  • Bragging Rights

    Bragging Rights

    All laps are timed and racers get a results sheet at the end of every race

  • Kids Love Traxx

    Kids Love Traxx

    Traxx is a unique idea for your next kid\'s birthday party!

  • Gas Kids Karts

    Gas Kids Karts

    Kids 6-10 can try their skills out on our mini gas karts just for kids!

  • Drop-In Kids Racing

    Drop-In Kids Racing

    Kids 3-10 can drop-in and race our specially-designed kids go-karts

  • Juniors Love Traxx

    Juniors Love Traxx

    Kids 11-13 can race our adult karts after completing a driver\'s safety course

  • Electric Kids Karts

    Electric Kids Karts

    Kids 3-5 race our easy-to-operate battery-powered go-karts

  • Video Game Arcade

    Video Game Arcade

    Compete before or after your race on our coin-operated games

  • Formula One Conference Room

    Formula One Conference Room

    Quiet place for a meeting before or after the racing action

  • NASCAR Room

    NASCAR Room

    Birthday party room with a view of the track

  • Legends Rooms

    Legends Rooms

    Kids Party Rooms Upstairs

  • Pool Tables & Air Hockey

    Pool Tables & Air Hockey

    Unwind with some friendly competition

  • Winner\'s Circle Banquet Room

    Winner\'s Circle Banquet Room

    Seats up to 75 or doors can open and seat up to 150

  • Kids Track Upstairs

    Kids Track Upstairs

    4 turns of heavily-padded track for the little ones


How fast are your karts? Our adult karts go approximately 30-35 MPH and our custom made kids karts go 7-10 mph

Do you run electric karts or gas powered karts? Our adult and kids karts are gas powered. Many of our customers prefer the “real-feel” of gas karts over the electric karts. Our gas karts are lighter, have better response and handling, and can run longer races than our competitor’s electric karts. Nothing says racing more than hearing the roar of the engine as you pull out of the pits!

Is a driver’s license required to race at Traxx? Drivers are not required to show a driver’s license. Drivers who are 16 and older may sign their own waiver release form. Drivers who are under 16 years old must have a legal parent/guardian sign a release form prior to racing.

How many laps are your races? On average, most drivers can get 20 laps on our indoor layout or 10 laps on our longer indoor/outdoor seasonal layout in an arrive & drive race heat.

What does the race fee include? Do I have to purchase equipment or a license? Unlike our competitors, our pricing includes everything needed to get out on the track. Race equipment, safety instruction, lap times printouts, and online access to scores are all included in your race fee. Traxx also does not have a mandatory license fee for first-time drivers. We do, however, offer an optional membership card that offers race discounts and access to special events.

Do you have two-seat karts so my child can ride with me? Unfortunately we do not. Traxx runs high-performance go-karts that are much faster than the family fun center-type karts so therefore all our karts are single-seaters.

Do I need to wear anything special before I race? Closed-toed shoes are the only item that is required. Loose clothing and long hair must be secured before racing.

Can I bring my own helmet to wear on the track? Yes, you can as long as it is DOT approved.

Do you run any competitive racing events? We occasionally offer competitive events when the interest arises. For the most up-to-date info, please be sure to follow us on Facebook or Twitter or sign up for our email list on our home page. Top

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